99 Importers & Exporters

99 Importer & Exporter is a business identity operating in Quetta

Task was to design corporate identity that not only defines the business nature but also has flexibility for further business expansion.

“Ninety Nine” we didn’t want to just use the words as they were, so a mix of alpha-numeric typo was used to design the logo. The client at very first glance approved the logo, and we started designing their stationery and website.


  HR baloch

HR Baloch, a leading construction company of Pakistan

The task was to redesign the corporate identity that matches with its vision and illustrates more energetic look

NMC redesigned the identity, color theme was proposed and new look of logo

  Akram Hospital

Akram Hospital largest private hospital working in Balochistan

The task was to design the customized hospital management software that not just manage the hospital accounts but also provide an in-depth reporting system for patients and facilitates them. Above all the owner wanted to supervise it from remote locations.

NMC designed a computerized hospital management system which covers all departments of hospital, reduced a huge workload from hospital employees and was above client expectations.


  Center Cut

Center Cut is a food chain working in Punjab

Task was to redesign the identity as the food chain expanded its operations.

After closely studying the client NMC found that the old theme was a bit dull and was not catchy, their fast food were known for their spices and especially because of the chef. Our team planned to use hot color theme and to incorporate the main identity “The chef” in the logo. We came up with a new logo and all other materials were designed on the same theme (i.e menu cards, boxes, envelops)



IDRAK is the subsidiary of IDSP its focus is on research activities and to propose solutions to government. Based on results of these researchers, and develop policies for the betterment of people

The task was to redesign the corporate identity that matches with its vision and illustrates more energetic look

NMC redesigned the identity, color theme was proposed and new look of logo



Institute for development studies & practices a non profit organization working in Pakistan

We came in coordination with IDSP when they wanted to design and print their scheduled magazine for different districts of Balochistan

After studying the theme of the magazines and looking at the previous editions of the magazine, we proposed that there should be some symmetry in the magazines, as all the magazines had same theme but for different districts. After approval from the client our team worked thoroughly on the layouts, every detail was focused properly, from cover to the bullets, bringing symmetry while keeping the difference the final layout were appreciated by IDSP and now NMC is their publication consultant.  


  Kesay Enterprise

Group of enterprise dealing in distribution, construction & Logistic support

Task was to design a customized software solution for its distribution setup

NMC designed a software solution which is implemented and distribution setup is running smoothly



A government sector organization but with unique working mechanism. PITAC provides industrial assistance and trainings to executives, managers and students. 

They wanted to attract more professionals and maximize their visibility

We closely worked with their team to find the gaps, The marketing material and strategies were proposed and implemented, all training materials were redesigned to provide a better look, from folders to certificates everything was redesigned and printed by NMC.

Currently our IT team is clodely working with them to develop a certification MIS to facilitate the management, administration as the pass out students (to generate their result online) and to prospects (for online registration)



Newly established Medical college in Quetta, under supervision of Combined Military Hospital Quetta

QIMS wanted to design its first prospectus along with all the stationery that may be required for the prospectus not just layouts but NMC also facilitated QIMS for the photo shoots

The project was excited and delivered on urgent basis as the dates were already announced for prospectus issuance. The strong bond between QIMS and NMC lead us to provide them web hosting and other IT solutions as well.



Balochistan 's first and Pakistan 3rd women's University

We came in coordination with SBKWU on their first convocation ceremony when they need to prepare the whole convocation material

As it was the first convocation ceremony they seek assistance from some professionals. NMC facilated them to organize the event and also prepared the material for convocation (Invitation cards, Vehicle stickers, newsletters) Currently our team is working


  She Bee

A leading boutique chain in Quetta, Lahore & Karachi

They had already developed a beautiful logo, but not satisfied with the associated material (i.e Price tags, shopping bags and stationery materials)

Our team after thoroughly studying the client’s needs and business nature, proposed a new look for the material after approval or the design, our production department carefully executed the material. Currently our production department is also engaged in sheebee photo shoot and designing catalogue.



UNODC is a non profitable organization working on peoples indulge in drugs and crimes

Task was to provide hosting solution for its MIS.

NMC provide a web hosting solution for its MIS which is being used throughout country


  Irfan hostels

A chain of student hostels in Quetta

Task was to create a complete corporate identity and to develop a marketing campaign in Universities and colleges

NMC designed a complete corporate identity and executed a successful marketing campaign which achieved expected goals