Network Solutions
TotalCare IT Support Service
Next Mile Consultants provides consulting, design and planning services to help develop business models, design networks and take over complete business processes for our Clients. We provide architecture, design, implementation planning, rapid integration, project management, product planning and financial modeling for your network infrastructure. We help you securely integrate and support data, voice and video networks, design intelligent network infrastructures, leverage new technologies and quickly seize opportunity in order to connect, run and grow your business. 
Network Administration

Network Administration will be provided by an assigned Network Administrator (NA) who will work closely and jointly with the other technical team members (system engineers, help desk technician and IT manager) responsible for managing, maintaining, securing, updating and supporting your end-users and entire technical infrastructure. This experienced and friendly professional will leverage our advanced network administration tools and industry leading network administration software to quickly and correctly solve your support requests or technical issues.
This certified and personable professional will serve as your primary technical contact and be responsible for your complete system administration. In addition, he will be responsible and accountable for ensuring the continual up-time, optimization and complete network security This person will also conduct regularly scheduled on-site visits to complete your task list of ad-hoc support requests, complete a mini-review of your environment against our technology checklist, document and enforcebest practices and perform a detailed overview of your monthly service reports.

Our Network Services include

Network Design, Procurement, Installation and Configuration
Virtual Private Networks for Multiple Location Networking
Intranet and Internet Security
Advanced Data Back-up Onsite or Off Site
Data Recovery & Deleted Files Recovery 
Remote / Mobile Desktop Access
Virus Prevention and Eradication
Network Functionality Training
Wireless Networking and Bluetooth Service
Network Printing
Network Cabling